Corvin Castle- Hunedoara

Every childhood is, in its way, special and beautiful, no mater the living place. Children are definitely so amazing , as they have something which later will be lost, the quality of innocence. The primary one…

My childhood is in an awesome way linked to one of the beautiful castles in the world. Of course I did not realise this while I was running freely with my fellows around of it, captivated by the mystery and stories which made up the place. For our small world was the only one.

Later in teenage time, we used to have here our meetings, as the Castle has been for a long time one of the main points of entertainment in the town. Meanwhile a little cinema worked in the court, and for that time I could say it was a big blessing. My fellows understand better, as we lived in a time with not that much opening to the world.

The Castle area was the home of almost all the cultural contests in the town. I would like to point out that in those times, even we were quite isolated from the rest of the world, and the Romanian Communist Party structures controlled everything, Romania still had a high quality of culture. Despite of the censure, very “bright” at the all levels, we still strived to keep the standards high. Culturally speaking. Education was at that time one of the best. Apart of being nostalgic, is only a thing that I want to highlight as maybe we could improve something today, learning from the good facts happened before.

Regarding our cultural contests, organised by the County School Inspectorate, I have a funny innocent story.

One day I was asked by the Romanian Language teacher to write a poem about the president Ceausescu. Of course at that time, we had to praise him and the work of Romanian Communist Party. Being child, I did not pay that much attention to the importance of the president and to the fact we had to praise him, even I found this quite strange. However, I wrote a very short poem, playing with rhymes, and when presented to the teacher before the contest, I said in a very funny way: “I did not mention the name of the president, cause if the next year we will have other president, my poem will still be available!”

The teacher was laughing in a hidden way, and looking at me very kind, said that we have to introduce his name there. Well, sadly we did that and went together to the Castle for the contest. I only remember the atmosphere there. Everybody enjoyed even was in quite dark time.

Every single person who lived in those times knows that the “medicine” for the big frustration we experienced, were the jokes. Ceausescu jokes and of course, the Romanian brand jokes with Bula.

I am thankful to the life for every single moment of my childhood. Even not having high technology, the good brands of toys, or other luxury things, I enjoyed my moments taking advantage from what the place offered. Mostly this beautiful Castle.

Today, Corvin Castle still attracts many tourists from all around the world.
Regarding me, I will always be there in every single visit of my town. As somebody said so beautifully: “When you finally go back to your old home, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood.”







9 thoughts on “Corvin Castle- Hunedoara

  1. The only castle I got to see while I lived in Romania was Castle Bran. I was fortunate to see it in 1978 and then again in 1994. So much more was open the latter time, but I still recall feeling as though I was in a childhood version of a castle, not a dreary place at all.

    Do you recall any of the jokes? I only remember one or two from my time there.

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  2. Bună dimineața, Simona ! 🙂
    Sincere felicitări pentru superba PREZENTARE 🙂
    dar și pentru faptul că ești FOTOGENICĂ !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Așa este,
    ” Nicăieri nu-i ca ACASĂ ” ! 🙂
    Toate cele bune ! 🙂
    Alioșa ! 🙂

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    1. I am so glad to hear you have been to Hunedoara! Hope you enjoyed the staying there.
      While ago, Hunedoara was one of the biggest centres of siderurgy in the Europe. Sadly now this is just history. With communism down, some things changed to the bad. Fortunately we still have our castle and there are a lot of projects to conserve the area.
      Thank you so much! Have a great week ahead! 🙂


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